Our Mission

The Buffalo World Trade Association (BWTA) is a networking group with a focus on International business. We strive to help our members form connections, share ideas and increase their knowledge of topics related to selling their products and services internationally.

Our purpose is to connect you to trade opportunities across Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

About Us

Members and Sponsors

  • I really enjoy being a part of the BWTA. The meetings always feature speakers who are experts in their field and the topics they cover are relevant to my interests as an International Business Manager.

    Kelli Ropach International Business Manager, Dyna–Purge® Div., Shuman Plastics, Inc.
  • The BWTA is a great way to meet and network with a wide range of people involved in international business.  The members are very approachable and inviting. When I showed up to my first few meetings they made me feel very comfortable and welcome.  I have learned so much since joining and have met so many helpful, talented people.  If I ever have a problem related to my work…I know there are people I can reach out to that can help.

    Kevin Currier International Sales Manager, HARD Manufacturing Co., Inc.
  • The BWTA is a dynamic group of companies involved in International business. I joined the group about 5 years ago and I have benefited greatly from the informative event speakers and informal networking. On more than one occasion, I have sought the help of a fellow member of the BWTA. In all cases, the BWTA member I spoke with went above and beyond to get me the help I needed… or advice I had sought. I would highly recommend any company thinking about going international, or currently involved in international trade, to join the BWTA.

    John DeLuca International Sales Manager, Liberty Pumps Inc.